Nefi Italia

1. Company

The enhancement of craftsmanship is the philosophy that has led our company for decades.

2. Professionalism

Our professionalism spans from the design to the production, from the assembly to the finishes.

3. Quality

Original self-supporting structure and greatest attention to every detail, for beds that remain perfect over time.

4. Handiness

It’s the details that matter and contribute, every day, to the success of our products.

5. Variety

We have built a range of products with extreme versatility.


At the service of your most beautiful dreams. Unique beds, comfortable and finished in every detail, entirely of our own production.

Built to last

Do you know what sets Nefi Italia beds apart?
It’s the QUALITY and the special



Choose your new bed and make it unique with the cover, the type of upholstered base, the feet, the size you prefer. With NEFI Italia you can!

Start from the type of bed frame and base: do you prefer high, low, rounded bases? Better a fixed bed, a storage bed or our special useful storage bed? What size?

For the coverings, you will find the largest choice of colors and fabrics: from the most rustic to the most elegant, from the classic to the contemporary, including the stain-proof ones.

Lastly, the right feet will complete the style of your bed, making it even more unique.


The quality and beauty of NEFI Italia beds, at great prices. But only for a short time! Don’t miss them…

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